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 前掲の George Seto さんの発言(米国では英語のみを話す人が多い)に対し、Big Mick さんから驚くべき反応が返ってくる。

George, I say this with great respect, as I have always enjoyed your posts. In the US there is great diversity of language. In fact there are whole neighborhoods in every great American city where the signage is in any number of languages. With regard to Gaeilge, it has been said that during the last half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth centurty there were probably more speakers of Gaeilge in the States than there were in Ireland. Every major city, and many secondary cities have tuition available in the language.

 つまり、19世紀後半から20世紀初頭、アイルランドより米国のほうがアイルランド語話者は多かった というのである。これは多くの人には驚きではないだろうか。