Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


Irish Music (mid-1960s)


 前回、歌とダンスとの混交まで見ました。引続き Rambling House をたよりにします。1962年頃からアイルランド周辺の状況がビートルズやディランの登場によりダイナミックに動き始めます。

With the success of The Dubliners and the Clancy Brothers, dozens of groups emerged using a formula based on ballads and instruments. Some might include good dance music. The venue shifted from folk clubs and dance halls to the new, larger pubs.

With a string of hits from 1962 onwards, The Beatles demonstrated the appeal of harmony to a young audience. Also in 1962, Bob Dylan, taking the folk route to stardom, released his first album Bob Dylan. Peter, Paul & Mary's Blowing in the Wind, with its neat harmonies, received regular airplay on Radio Eireann. In 1965 Donovan from Scotland entered the British charts with folk idiom songs like Catch the Wind and Universal Soldier.

In Ireland a new generation grew up ready to accept folk as another idiom like blues, R&B or jazz. Electric guitarist Henry McCullagh, for instance, played for a period in Sweeney's Men.


 (1) バラッドと楽器(とダンス曲)という組合せが多くのグループを生んだ

 (2) ハーモニーがかっこいいと思われた(← ビートルズPPMの影響)

 (3) 「フォーク」がそれまでのブルーズ、R & B、ジャズと並ぶイディオムとして受け入れられた