Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


詩人カロル・ヴォイティワと内的生活 Karol Wojtyła, interior life






〔この〕自作の詩について、法王は後年、「当時の異常な体験がなかなか適切に表現されている」と自伝『怒濤に立つ 〔教皇ヨハネ・パウロ二世自伝―賜物と神秘〕』(エンデルレ書店)で述べている。


[Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange on interior life]

The interior life is for all the one thing necessary.

It ought to be constantly developing in our souls; more so than what we call our intellectual life, more so than our scientific, artistic or literary life. The interior life is lived in the depths of the soul; it is the life of the whole man, not merely of one or other of his faculties. And our intellectual life would gain immeasurably by appreciating this; it would receive an inestimable advantage if, instead of attempting to supplant the spiritual life, it recognized its necessity and importance, and welcomed its beneficial influence -- the influence of the theological virtues and the gifts of the Holy Ghost. How deeply important our subject is may be seen in the very words we have used: Intellectuality and Spirituality. And it is important to us not only as individuals, but also in our social relations, for it is evident that we can exert no real or profound influence upon our fellow-men unless we live a truly interior life ourselves.



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