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詩 音楽 アイルランド


Pentangle's New - Feoffees' Lands



Dear All

The new Jacqui McShee's Pentangle album Feoffees' Lands is all finished and available now for £13 incl. on the website (http://www.pentangle.info ) or to be precise:


[. . .]

As usual it took us a little longer than planned but we like to get things just right and are really pleased with the result - we hope you will agree! The engineering by Mark Tucker and Mike Westergaard was second to none and the mastering session at Abbey Road with Andy Walter was as spot on as ever!

The guest musicians were all fantastic and we are so fortunate to have a pool of such brilliant musicians to draw from:

Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) did some great electric and acoustic guitar-playing on a couple of tracks - no real surprise he made it onto the album as the studio is his! Fabulous player.

Miles Bould did his extraordinary percussion thing - he has a real knack for knowing what is just right for any particular track. The studio may look like a building site when he's recording but it's a joy to hear!

Gary, Nathan and Barny on brass make several of the tracks really special. This is the first time brass has been featured on a Pentangle album and it won't be the last! The third track Acrobat is something else!

John Giblin has been on all the studio albums so far and yet again brought his magic to the music. The acoustic bass work is superb throughout - bridges any gap between old and new Pentangle for sure!

David Hughes is a favourite musician of ours - he did the guest spot on our 1995 About Thyme tour and ten years on is guest for us on our current tour. A songwriter of great talent - ditto his guitar playing!

Ravi and his Kora playing (and Tibetan Overtone Singing!) always take the music somewhere beyond what we expect. There is hardly a song that would not benefit from Kora - Ravi does such a superb and sensitive job whenever he plays. He is going to be joining us on stage at Aberystwyth on Fri. 8th April.

Jacqui's daughter Leah made her recording debut on Feoffees' Lands! A talent to watch out for. Leah's and Jacqui's voices blend so well together - no surprise there really...

Alan Thomson completes the line up on the album with fantastic bass and guitar work.

In the next few weeks About Thyme, Passe Avant and At The Little Theatre will also be available on the website. We will email when these are available.

[. . .]

Many thanks once again for your support and enjoy the music!

Spencer Cozens