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Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド




Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola, An Raicín Álainn (LNC 001CD, 2002)



  1. An Raicín Álainn (The Beautiful Comb)
  2. Bean Pháidín (Pádín's Wife)
  3. Caisleán Gearr (Castlegar)
  4. Casadh an tSúgáin (The Twisting of the Rope)
  5. Oileán na Teiscinne (The Isle of Teiscinn)
  6. Banríon Loch na Naomh (The Queen of Loch na Naomh)
  7. Bímse Féin ag Iascaireacht (I Myself Go Fishing)
  8. Tonnta Chonamara (The Waves of Connemara)
  9. Amhrán an Phúca (Song of the Pooka)
  10. De Thaime (Coincidence)
  11. Ar Bhruach na Laoi (On the Banks of the Lee)
  12. Úna Bhán (Fair Úna)
  13. Inis Oírr in Inis Oírr (Inishere on Inishere)
  14. Ceol na Gaoithe (Song of the Gale)

 このうち、トラック3、9、12の3曲は無伴奏歌。それを含め、すべてシャン・ノースの歌いかたで歌われている。シャン・ノースとは「スタイル」を表す用語ではない。ただし、トラック14はシャン・ノース風でなく、私の耳には南米風に聞こえる。トラック12はよく知られた旋律とはまったく違う旋律。私はこの歌に関心があるが、この旋律を聞いたのはラサリーナで二人目。トラック13はトマス・ウォルシュ作の有名な器楽曲におそらく世界で初めて歌詞をつけて歌ったもので、すべてが聞き物であるこのアルバムでも絶品。詩は Ethna Carberry 作。

 タイトル曲 'An Raicín Álainn' 「美しい櫛」は文字通り美しい詩だ。


An Raicín Álainn (The Beautiful Comb)


Bhí mise lá breá Fómhair 's mé ag dul an ród seo siar
([I was] one fine autumn day when I was going this road westwards)

Ó, casadh cailín óg orm 's í ag bleán na bó cois claí
(O, I happened to meet a young girl when she was milking the cows beside a ditch)

Bhí sí chomh deas, ar ndóigh leis an rós a bhí ina haghaidh,
(She was so fair, needless to say, with her face like a rose,)

"Sé mo léan gan mé is tú pósta, is tú an ainnir a bhreoigh mo chroí."
("Alas that you are not married with me, you are the girl that heated my heart.")

"Ó tá sé luath go leor againn, a bhuachaillín óg," a deir sí,
("O it is much soon for us, young boy, " said she,)

"Go mbainfidh muid spraoi as an óige, is go gcuirfidh muid spóirt 'un cinn."
("So that we may enjoy youth, and so that we may have fun.")

"Ach téanam liomsa go hEochaill a' baint an fhómhair bhuí,
("But come with me to Youghal to reap the golden harvest,)

'S tá mise óg go leor leis an spóirt a chuir 'un cinn."
(And I am too young to advance the sport.")

Chuaigh muid isteach i dteach an óil agus, ar ndóigh, shuigh muid síos
(We went into a tavern and, of course, we sat down)

Bhí fíon is branda ar bord againn agus mise a bhí dhá roinnt
(We had wine and brandy on a table and I shared [them with her])

Bhí chuile ní ar bord againn ach is ormsa a bhí a íoc
(We had everyting on the table but I had to pay it all)

Mar gur bhuail sé siar an bóithrín uaim is mo raca ina phóca thíos.
(Because he proceeded the little road westwards away from me with my comb in his pocket.)

"S nach brónach an bhean go lá mé, a stóirín óg," deir sí.
("And am I not a sorrowful woman till dawn," said she.)

"Ní dhéanfaidh mé spraoi ná gáirí go dtiocfaidh sé an ród seo arís.
("I will not have a spree or laugh until he comes this road again.)

Tá gruaig mo chinn le fána uaim 's gan aon cheo agam a réiteodh í
(My head's hair is falling down and I have nothing that would smooth it)

Ó cháill mé an raicín álainn a bhíodh go hard i gcúl mo chinn."
(O I lost the beautiful comb that used to be high in the back of my head.")

Tiocfaidh sé an ród seo amárach 's cuir céad fáilte faoi
(He will come along this road tomorrow and welcome him heartily)

Socraigh cathaoir chláir dó go hard i lár an tí
(Set a wooden chair highly for him in the middle of the house)

Bain a hata dhá cheann 's ná bíodh cás ná náire ort faoi
(Take his hat off his head and don't feel ashamed of it)

Nó go bhfaighidh tú an raicín álainn a bhí go hard i gcúl mo chinn.
(So that you will get the beautiful comb that was high in the back of my head.)


[1] ある晴れた秋の日、私はこの道を西へたどっていた

[2] 「ああ、ちょっと早すぎませんか」と彼女は言った、

[3] 私たちはパブにはいり、そして、もちろんすわった

[4] 「夜明けまで私は何と悲しい女でしょう、」と彼女は言った。

[5] 彼はこの道を明日やってくるでしょうから、大歓迎しましょう


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