Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


New Orleans Musicians Who Survived


先ごろ、ファッツ・ドミノが無事だったという話を聞いて胸をなでおろしたばかりだが、ハリケーン「カトリーナ」にやられずに生きのびたニューオーリンズの音楽家たちは住居や楽器のことで困っているらしい。救援組織についての記事 を引用する。

New Orleans (Louisiana), USA - Most of the New Orleans musicians who survived Hurricane Katrina are now in need of a home. Many of them also lost their musical instruments and need help to replace them.

To help aid New Orleans musicians who need housing, readers can contact the Tipitina's Foundation. Bill Taylor, from the Tipitina Foundation, reports that they have offers of housing all over the country for displaced New Orleans musicians. You can reach them at +1 828-686-8742 or e-mail them at tipitinashelp@theleaf.com.

There are other foundations that focus on helping musicians. The North Carolina-based Music Maker Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the pioneers and forgotten heroes of Southern musical traditions gain recognition and meet their day to day needs. Today, many such musicians are living in extreme poverty and need food, shelter, medical care, and other assistance. They have a New Orleans Musicians Fund.

New Orleans radio station WWOZ is keeping track of musicians who have survived. The list is available at http://www.wwoz.org/music.php.

この最後の部分に書いてある、9月6日現在、無事が確認されているミュージシャンは次のとおり。ドクター・ジョンもマーシャ・ボールも無事だ! このリスト以外のミュージシャンの消息をご存知の方はぜひ http://www.wwoz.org/music.php の連絡先に知らせてください。

Albert, Jeff
Allman, Kevin
Allen, Shamar
Anderson, Theresa
Andrews, Bob
Andrews, James
Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty"
Ankar, Jim(Aural Elixir)
Autin, John
Babineaux, Alexis
Ball, Marcia
Barbarin, Lucien
Barnes, Sunpie
Barry, Rebecca
Batiste, Jonathan
Batiste, Mike
Batiste, Russell
Bandrowski, David
Banjo Grayson, Roberto, Washboard Lisa
Barry, Rebecca
Bayou Renegades
Belot, Doug
Benoit, Tab
Blanchard, Hurley
Blanchard, Terrence
Bohren, Spencer
Bo, Eddy
Boone, Christian
Boutte, John
Boutte, Lillian
Boutte, Tanya
Boutte, Tricia
Braud, Mark
Braun, Joe
Brooks, Juanita
Brooks, Marc
Brotherhood of Groove
Broussard, Russ
Brown, Gatemouth
Brown, Leon
Brown, Maurice
Brunious, Wendell
Brunus, Kurt
Buck, George & Nina (Palm Court)
Butler, Henry
Capps, Grayson
Carpenter, Jimmy
Carson, Kim
Castrillo, Ricki
Chapman, Topsy
Chilton, Alex
Christopher, Evan
Cleary, John
Clifton, Chris
de Clouet, Theryl Houseman
Brian from Country Fried
Consortium of Genius
Courville, Chris
Cowboy Mouth
Cowsill, Susan
Crooks and Nannies
Cruz, Jack
Dagradi, Tony
Daniels, Lenny
Davenport, Jeremy
Dawson, Sean
David & Roselyn
Davis, Troy
DelRosario, Anthony (Turducken Productions)
Dewberry, Cynthia
Dillon, Monica
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
DJ Lady Fingaz
DJ Quickie Mart
Doc Otis
Doctor John
Doheny, John Dominici, Michael
Domino, Fats
Donna's Bar and Grill: Donna (FL), Charlie and Troy (Shreveport), Margaret (BR), Mikki (TX?)
Doucet, David
Drums & Tuba
Drury, Lynn
Eaglin, Snooks
Edegran, Lars
Eddie Bo
Edwards, Nancy
Eidler, David
Ellis, Lance
Ernest, Herman
Espino, Rob
Fardela, Charlie
Faulconer, Cass
Fisher, Patrice
Fischer, Tom
Flory, Pat
Fohl, John
Forrest, Andy J.
Freilich, Jonathan (New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars)
French, Gerald
Forsyth, Gina
Foster, Mike
Freeman, Derrick
French, Bob
French, Gerald
Frishberg, Jonno
Fuller, Peter
Funky Meters
Gauthe, Jacques
Gomez, Butch
Goodson, Steve
Green, Tim
Griffin, Tracy
Gros, John
Hall, James
Hampsey, Matt (Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots)
Harris, Lil Queenie
Harvey, Tom
Henry, Corey
Hoffman, Andi
Holladay, Kenny
Holsapple, Peter
Hood, Mike
Hot 8 Brass Band: Bennie (AL), Dinerral (B.R), Burger (B.R), Swamp (TX), Raymond (TX), Cousin (TX), Big Al (Helicoptor evac'd out)
Harrison, Donald
Hingle, George
Hot Club of New Orleans
Ingraffia, Burke
Jeff & Vida
Johnny Angel
Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes
Jones, Leroy
Jordan, Edward "Kidd"
Joseph, Kirk
Jumonville, Jerry
Kaplan, Neil
Keller, Ron
Kerin, Josh
Kid Red
King, Chris Thomas
Klein, Craig
Krown, Joe
Masakowski, Steve
Landry, Carl
LaRocca, Sean
LaShae, Julia
Law, Kaleb
LeBlanc, Glenn
Ledet, Bo
Lee, Bryan
Leonard, Herman
Lewis, Bobby
Lil Stooges Brass Band: Walter (GA), Ersel (B.R.), Airen (TX), Al Growe, Andrew Baham (B.R.)
Lil Rascals: Corey Henry (NY), Jeffrey Hills (Lafayette - headed to MS), Will Smith (MS)
Lindell, Eric
Lonzo, Freddie
Louisiana Red Hot Records
Lucia, Ingrid
Lyons, Jeremy
MacLuckie, Tommy
Maloney, Pat
Mallery, Ajay
Markham, Ronald
Marsalis, Jason
Marsalis, Jason
Marsalis, Wynton
Martyn, Barry (Andrew Hall's Society Brass Band)
Masa & Masako (Dragon's Den)
Mayfield, Irvin
McCormick, Jim
McDaniel, Lenny
McDermott, Tom
McMurray, Alex
McNally, Shannon
Media Darling Records Staff
Mem Shannon & The Membership
Miller, Amasa
Miller, Charlie
Miss Maggie's Mayhem
Mooney, John
Moore, Charles Louie
Moore, Deacon John
Morgan, Tom
Josh - Morning 40 Federation
Mother Tongue
Moton, Richard
Mule, Chris


Neal, Kenny
Neville Brothers
Neville, Charmaine
Newbirth Brass Band: Kerwin (TX), Fatman (TX), Tanio (TX), Reg Stewart (AL), Kenny Terry (TX - going back to LA for his wife), Troy "Trombone Shorty" (TX), Glen David Andrews (TX)


Ochsenschlager, Nancy
O'Day, Kevin
Osborne, Anders
Oscar and the BluesCats
OTRA: Brent Rose (VA), Pupi Menes (Baton Rouge), Eric Lucero, Sam Price (Denmark)
Ozaki, Nobu


Panorama Jazz Band
Papa Grows Funk
Patterson, Beth
Patterson, Jason
Paulin, Roderick
Paxton, Josh
Peaches Records and Tapes
Pearce, Michael
Pellera, Mike
Perkins, Spike
Perrine, Matt
Petersen, Ed
Phillips, Devin
Pickford, Loren
Pirner, David
Pistol Pete
Pistorious, Steve
Player, Mitchell
Porter, George Jr.
Powell, Shannon
Preservation Hall -- Ok and dry; most musicians and staff have checked in; Frank Demond, trombone, Joseph Lastie jr. drummer, Benjamin Jaffe, Rickie Monie, Carl McCall banjo, Narvin Kimball
Pulphus, David
Pylant, Chris


Quintron & Miss Pussycat


Ramirez, Omar
Ramos, Lani
Ramsey, Jan (Offbeat), + Most Offbeat Staff
Rebirth Brass Band
Riley, Josh (Saaraba)
Roberts, Uganda
Robichaux, Coco
Rodli, John
Rubin, Dixie
Ruffins, Kermit
Rush, Dorian


Sage, Irene
Saint Louis Slim
Saltzman, Scott
Samuels, Mark & Will (Basin St. Records)
Sandmel, Ben
Sansone, Johnny
Sarli, Jeff
Savoy, Rob
Schatz, Greg (Schatzy)
Scott, Alexandra
Scott, Cindy
Seeger, Brian
Sieberth, Larry
Simeon, Terence
Singleton, James
Sharkey, Chris
Skinkus, Michael
Slewfoot & Cary B
Smith, Jim
Smith, Jon
Smith, Leslie
Sneaky Pete
Snow, Robert
Soul Rebels: Oops (MS), Lumar (TX), and per Oops everyone else is out safe as well - scattered about with family.
Stevens, Sally
Stoltz, Brian
Stone, Joshua "T-Bone"
Stone, Marc
Summers, Bill
Sunda, Bob
Swartz, Ken
Swiler, Matt


Thomas, Irma (+ band)
Thurman, David
Thompson, Tom
Torkanowsky, David
Torregano, Joe
Toussaint, Allen
Tozzatto, Claudia and Eric
Traub, Eric
Treme Brass Band: Benny Jones (Lafayette), James "12" Andrews (Monroe), Kirk Joseph (CA), Kermit (B.R), Kid Merv (Tempe, AZ - with a new baby boy!!!), Unk Lionell - (Arkansas)
Trolsen, Rick
Truckstop Honeymoon
Trumpet Red
Turner, Benny


Unterseier, Neil
Urbach, Martin


Vappie, Don
Venet, Seva
Vidacovich, Johnny
Villarubia, Milton


Wacko Wade
Wagner, Rob
Walker, Stephen
Washboard Chaz
Washington, Walter "Wolfman"
Webber, Raymond
Weber, Jim
Weber, Melissa
Weiser, Kim
West, Mike
White, Catherine
White, Matthew
White, Dr. Michael
Williams, Cornell
Williams, Jamelle
Williams, Big Sam
Wolf, Andy(Los Vecinos, Iris May Tango)
Wright, Marva


Yamazake, Masataka


Zaorski, Linnzi