Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


世界のアイルランド語話者 (3) millions of speakers worldwide


 George Seto さんは次のように述べる。

Guest:Bleeding Obvious, it isn't a dead language, and neither is Scottish Gaelic. Both are living languages, though with few enough speakers around the world. There are still millions of speakers of either when you consider it world-wide.

 世界中を見渡せば数百万人の話者がなおもいると。つまり、アイルランドゲール語スコットランドゲール語を話す人は。つまり、WWW of Irish language speakers というものがあることになる。


You may be from some place like the USA where many people seem to speak only the one "true" language, English (although some of you do it in funny ways). I'm a Canadian and we TRY to recognize there are other languages in the world, and as a country we are officially bi-lingual with French AND English as official languages.