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Excellent Swarbrick news! (速報)


 とびきり嬉しい情報です。イングランドフィドルの至宝デーヴ・スウォーブリック(Dave Swarbrick)さんが10月2日(土)朝、バーミンガムの病院で両肺の移植手術を受け、成功し、経過はすこぶる良好とのことです。このニューズはマーティン・カーシーからもたらされたもので、Mudcat フォーラムの このスレッド に続報を含めて載っています。以下、少し抜粋します。

Subject: Excellent Swarbrick news!
From: GUEST,Mary Katherine
Date: 04 Oct 04 - 05:46 PM

Friends: Martin Carthy just called to pass along the most wonderful news that this past Saturday morning Dave Swarbrick got a double lung transplant and is doing extremely well!
He was put on the waiting list for a transplant this past Monday, and on Friday was called in and told that a match had been found and he was to have the surgery the next morning.
Martin says that Dave is already out of intensive care, and is sitting up, breathing on his own for the first time in many years, and eating a tuna sandwich!

Subject: RE: Excellent Swarbrick news!
From: 8_Pints
Date: 05 Oct 04 - 09:02 AM

Martin Carthy chatted about this at the Chorley Festival.

The surgeon allegedly asked Swarb when his next gig was so that he could schedule the operation in time.

That's what I call motivation!

Bob vG

Subject: RE: Excellent Swarbrick news!
Date: 06 Oct 04 - 06:46 AM

Ally Hulett's latest email update to me says Swarb's recovery is going well - fantastic!
But he also points out that the Swarb-Aid events that were being organised
(before the double-lung transplant took place last weeekend) are still neccessary and will, of course, go ahead as planned.
Get to one somewhere, nice people!
Dave and his family still need our full support till he's back gigging, recording and earning (!) once more.
Love to all - Duncan
(apologies for reproducing this on other related threads - the message getting through to all is more important than protocol, methinks)

 なお、最後のポストにある支援イヴェント Swarb-Aid は次は11月26日にイングランド北東部のヨークシアの Korks, Otley で行われます。

 以上のことについて、Jill Swarbrick さんによる詳報は デーヴ・スウォーブリック公式サイト