Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


Liam Clancy & Diane Guggenheim (3)


 もう一つだけ、前述のリアム・クランシーの インタヴュー から引こう。1956年、初めてニュー・ヨークに着いた日に、ダイアンにグレニッチ・ヴィレジのアパートに連れて行かれ、そこでジョシュ・ホワイト(高名なブルーズ/フォーク・シンガー)がリアムのギターを弾くところを見て、いかに驚いたかが語られている。

The thing that really astounded me on my arrival in New York -- the first night I arrived, I was taken by Diane Hamilton to this apartment, on 10th Street, near 5th Avenue, in Greenwich Village. There was a party, and there was Josh White, drunk out of his mind, four or five girls around him, playing my old guitar! He was making this thing talk! You see, Paddy and Tom, there was a thirteen-year age gap between us, and I didn't know them. They had been off in the war, then gone to New York -- they were like my father to me! Tom was sounding me out at this party, this brother, this stranger, asking me if I smoked or drank, if I liked women!

 当時のフートナニー(hootenany フォークソングなどの集まり)に一体どういう人たちが集まっていたかを語るパット・クランシー(リアムの兄)の言葉にも驚かされる。

In the meantime, my brother Tom and I, we used to go to the Hootenannies in New York when they were hootenannies, and there'd be fifteen people there, but they'd be Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Josh White. We were involved in that, swapping songs, and learning that some of the songs had their own versions...