Tigh Mhíchíl

詩 音楽 アイルランド


Last Words of Brother Ray


 レイ・チャールズの自伝(1978)以降のことを、その自伝のゴーストライターを務めた David Ritz が Rolling Stone 誌に書いています。レイの生涯と音楽に関わる読みでのある素晴らしい記事で、ファンならずともお奨めです。



"I never came up with that 'genius' tag. I'm a utility man. I can do a lot of little things well. But I copied."


"Maybe I put together two things that hadn't been put together before, but, hell, give credit to the church singers and the bluesmen who I got it from. I got enough credit. Let people know that it didn't come from me. It came from before me."


"I think about stories. Songs are stories. And if you're going to write a good song, you're going to have to praise a woman. That's the key. And if you're writing a book about God, you're going to have to praise God. That's what Jesus did. Praised the Father. Taught us about praise. I used to think all that church praise, all that hooting and hollering, was overdone. Stop shouting. Be cool. Besides, if God is God, why does he need all this praise? Now I'm thinking it ain't God who needs the praise -- it's us who need to do the praising. The praise makes us stronger. That's why I'm getting stronger."